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Online Store

Online Store

Deluxe 20 X 30 or 20 X 40 White Pole Tents with 4 sidewalls

$1,750.00 $2,000.00


Deluxe BRAND NEW White Pole Tent with 4 side walls

20' x 40' White

Manufacturer: Tent & Table

Brand new, never used

Includes 2 solid side walls, and 2 side walls with cathedral windows

Can ship UPS or FedEx


Whats Included: Tent top, 4 sidewalls(2 solid, 2 with cathedral windows)Steel poles, steel stakes, nylon ropes, and heavy poly tent storage bag.


Poles: Side poles are two-piece, 1." diameter, galvanized steel, 7' tall

Center poles are four-piece, 1.5" diameter, galvanized steel, 12'9" tall


Capacity: A 20x40 party pole tent will accommodate 80 people for sit down dinners. A standard event planners rule of thumb for comfortable seating is 10 square feet per person to allow for table and chair space.

•Standard Features:

•One-Piece Tops

•1st quality, 14 oz Translucent Vinyl

•Reinforced aluminum plates sewn into top all points for heavy duty installation

•All panels are bonded with 1" heat sealed overlapped seams

•Scalloped valances bond with vinyl binding

•Sidewall rope permanently installed

•Guy ropes and jump ropes are spliced in at each pole location

•Includes poly top and side pole bag

•Heavy duty 2 piece 1" steel side poles

•Heavy duty 4 piece 1.75" center poles

•Steel angle tent stakes

•Wood tension block included for tightening tent ropes

Also available withour sidewalls

Delivery available


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